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Since I was a child, I have always loved to travel… frequent trips to the zoo, road trips here and there and ferry trips once in a while. I love to explore places… and more opportunities to explore came when my dad began working in Manila (2002) since we began spending our summer vacations there a year after (2003). Every summer vacation is well-planned. For every weekend of our annual month-long (at average) summer vacation, we visit new places, see new faces and discover new traces of our wonderful and exciting culture.

For summer 2009, we’ve realized that we’ve basically touched the whole Luzon already, from enchanting Ilocandia, to the towering Cordilleras, to the central plains of Luzon, to Southern Tagalog, and the Beauteous Bicolandia and so, after 7 years of exciting trips to interesting destinations in Luzon, we hopped to the Visayas!

I was born and raised in Cebu, a Visayan island, but I have never been able to travel to the other Visayan islands, ever, not until we decided to visit Bohol last summer… The experience was truly amazing (and I’ll be writing about it here, soon).

And since I’ve began earning online through my blogs, I can now afford to spend for my luxuries, and among those is travelling. I have already booked tickets to some of Mindanao’s exciting destinations and I’m so looking forward to those trips.

Why did you decide to open a travel blog?

Although I have already blogged about some of my past travel experiences in my Sinjin’s House blog, most of my trips remain in the closet (haha!), and it would be such a waste if they would be kept there forever! I opened this blog because I want to showcase the beauty of our world. Maintaining a lot of blogs is a lot of hard work but that is the reason why I’ve decided to branch travel out of my main personal blog. That sounds ironic but yes, I just need the drive so that I could consistently deliver fresh content for everyone. So now, I bring you LIBOTERO.COM. Welcome and I hope you stay tuned for the upcoming posts…

What could we expect at LIBOTERO?

Basically, I’ll be sharing all my past travel experiences, and future ones (that would include roadtrips, hotels and resorts, interesting destinations, food review snippets, and travel tips, among others) hoping that my experiences will inspire you to travel more, because those who don’t travel are missing a whole lot of fun and excitement!

Why “Libutin natin ang sariling atin?” ? Don’t you want to travel out of the country too?

Oh, I’d love to travel outside the Philippines too but then, I know that our 7,107 islands have a lot to offer, a lot of hidden jewels to discover, so if you ask me, I’d travel within the Philippines first before I fly to other countries. I love our beautiful country! Let’s all love it and make it better! 🙂

AS OF August 2012: TheLibotero has visited 40 out of the 79 Philippine provinces

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