Golden Cowrie launches new brand

A first time visitor to Cebu would often ask where to eat, and while a lot of new restaurants and dining concepts have sprouted like mushrooms through the years, Golden Cowrie still remains a top recommendation by Cebuanos.

Golden Cowrie, which was established in 1982, has become synonymous to Cebu. With already 30 branches nationwide, Cebu Golden Restaurant Inc. launches Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen.

The new premium brand celebrates culinary creativity and highlights dishes that are made in the heart of the home. Its menu features classic recipes to pay homage to the heritage of Philippine cuisine and new flavors to explore its potential. Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen is a fusion of the traditional dishes of Golden Cowrie and the “refreshingly Filipino” flavors of Salinas, two of their other brands. Meanwhile, the equally popular Hukad brand is strategically located in malls.

Earl Kokseng Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Earl Kokseng, executive committee member of Cebu Golden Restaurant Inc., led the ribbon cutting at their 10th store in Cebu, located at the 4th level garden area of the new wing, Ayala Center Cebu. The new restaurant has a 125 square meter indoor dining area which can seat 50 diners, and an additional 70 at the alfresco area. It is open daily from 10am to 11pm.

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen offers something new to the table by reinterpreting classic dishes and serving Filipino favorites with a side of nostalgia. This food concept aims to highlight to festive food culture that brings Filipinos together.

Here are some of the dishes you must try on your next visit!

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Pomelo Salad. Pomelo and singkamas tossed in calamansi dressing, topped with crunchy dried squid.

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Cab-cab with Smoked Bangus Pate. Fried cassava cracker with smoked bangus pate

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Vegetarian Humba. A vegetarian version of the classic pork dish (to be launched soon)

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Sizzling Chicharon and Red Egg. A crunchy and savory combination of chicharon and salty egg (itlog maalat) with a bit of spice.

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Pinaugang Balbacua. Oxtail braised in aromatics and served in thick flavorful sauce. It’s not the soupy balbacua you know.

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Pinaupong Manok. Chicken bathed in hot oil, cooked in salt, and other secret spices

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Tahong in Coconut Milk.

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Zarsuela de Mariscos. Seafood cooked in light tomato sauce, olive oil, tomatoes and coco wine

Golden Cowrie Filipino Kitchen
Halohalomazing. A new take on the favorite Filipino dessert. It has just the right amount of sweetness so you’ll be surprised you’ve already consumed the whole thing!

Further Expansion

At the media huddle, Earl Kokseng revealed plans that they’re opening five more stores in Metro Manila this year. As to which brand, he did not disclose.


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