Kadayawan Festival Recap: I Love Davao

Part 1.


It seemed that I consumed all of my energy on the first day of the Kadayawan Festival weekend, as I decided not to set an alarm and wake up late. That meant that I would have to miss one of the highlights of the festival, the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan. The last time I witnessed the street-dancing and ritual showdown competition was five years ago, but thank goodness it was streamed live on TV.

Nothing much happened during the day as I rested my injured ankle (this post would reach unnecessary length if I elaborate, so never mind). In the evening, I headed to Lachi’s for the annual Kadayawan Bloggers Get-Together.

Lachi’s is my favorite restaurant in Davao because it is very unassuming while it serves home-style cooked Filipino comfort food, and desserts to die for!!

Lachis Davao Food
All of my Lachi’s favorites in one table! Laing, Asian Spicy Chicken, Unforgettable Pork Ribs, Tofu, Kawali, Pork with Bagoong, among many others!

Lachis Davao Food
ALL SMILES! Family photo with Davao bloggers and our friends from Smart and Duriana. Special thanks to sirs Mike and Melvin Aviles (leftmost) of Lachi’s for always hosting us bloggers in your humble restaurant. I was also present when you hosted us during the Davao Food Appreciation last year and this year. Super thank you!

Huckleberry Davao
The night was still young, and feeling bloated and bursting at the seams after our hearty dinner at Lachi’s, I, Gem, and my Davao Bloggers loves, continued the night at Huckleberry Southern Kitchen and Bar. We wanted it to be a laidback evening, thankfully, the ambiance was conducive for us to unwind. We tried out some flavors of their infused rum: pineapple, cacao, and mango.

We had some really great plans for the night, and we wanted to party on at Damosa, but our bodies had other plans. I don’t know, but we all felt really drained (especially me, with my injured ankle, grrr). Before midnight, on a Saturday night, we parted ways!


My injury worsened. Again, I did not set an alarm. I missed another highlight of the Kadayawan Festival, the Pamulak Floral Float parade. If you want to have an idea what it is, you may check my post five years ago.

At a little past noon, I went to SM Lanang Premier for brunch.

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf SM Lanang Davao
Sardine and Garlic Linguine is my new favorite at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Perfect pair with their Souther Blend Iced Tea.

Besties SM Lanang
At 2pm, I attended the Besties Book Launch, signing and meet and greet event with friends from the Davao Bloggers Society (DBS). Besties is basically about the lifestyle, careers and friendship of Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson. Special thanks to Ria and Chamee for having me!

Besties SM Lanang
With the Davao bloggers and the blogger-friendly marketing team of SM Lanang Premier

To make up for our abrupt and early parting of ways the night before, we decided to spend the whole afternoon and evening together. First, we wanted to eat, hence, we proceeded to the fountain court of SM Lanang to check out the last day of the Davao Gourmet Food Collective.

Davao Gourmet Food Collective
Loved the wagyu satays by Crazy Cook, wood-fired pizzas by Classio Pizzza, and Mediterranean flavors at Alibaba shawarma, among others.

Davao Davao
L: Masskara 2014 reunion of Team Cebu and Davao (L-R): Robert, TheLibotero, Alvin, Jandryle, and Rico; R: Great food with great people

Sarbay Davao

While struggling to walk, we also bumped across Neil, so a mini-Sarbay reunion ensued.

Constrained by the four walls of the mall, we decided to change location and do something uniquely Davao. Off we went to Roxas Avenue. I was amused because it was my first time to be at the “Tiangge sa Katawhan” night market. There were a lot of really good deals on apparel, shoes and bags, and if only my foot cooperated, I think I would have had purchased some stuff. I just tailgated after the ladies who did some window shopping.

We walked further into the street, and decided to eat some durian, the local way.

Durian Davao Roxas
Achievement unlocked! Believe it or not, it was my first time to eat the real durian fruit! Of course I’ve already tried the durian candies, yema, and pulps on coffee and ice-blended drinks, but I was really hesitant to try the real thing.

Durian Davao Roxas
No regrets though, as I really thoroughly enjoyed my first durian experience. It was so creamy and quite gritty, I loved it, much more, because I spent the moment with friends who matter. Awwwe!

We then invaded Glen’s crib before capping the night off with jumbo milk tea cups at Serenitea, now with Kuya Andrew, Ate Ria, and Mark.


Parting time. No goodbyes, just see you later. My injury didn’t show signs of improvement, but I had to go home.

How did I achieve the photo below? I just placed my camera on top of my trolley bag, set the timer to 10 seconds, and limped to pose. Haha!

Davao International Airport

As a regular traveler, leaving one place to move on to the next should be easy but I’ve become so attached with Davao, the wonderful city and its people, that I get anxious every time I’m leaving. But I shall not fret, I’ll be back soon. Thanks for always welcoming me with arms wide open! Love ‘ya! XÖXÖ

Davao International Airport
I was pleasantly surprised by this scene during boarding. Our flight will be headed by a woman, and she is interacting with her passengers. On the photo, she is doing the pre-flight announcement (introduction of crew, cruising altitude, weather en route, weather in destination, estimated time of arrival, etc.). I really felt her sincerity and passion, and that this was something very personal to her. Her name is Capt. Gisela Bendong, coincidentally a Cebuana, and she is the first woman-captain of AirAsia Philippines.

This photo of a beautiful sunset sums up my Davao separation anxiety. A sunset means a day must end, but with a promise of a more beautiful one tomorrow. /drama

AirAsia Philippines Cebu
Our flight, Z2 526, landed in Mactan-Cebu, twenty-three (23) minutes ahead of schedule! I just had to have a photo with the fierce Cebuana captain! Thanks, Captain Lala, and the rest of the crew, first officer Jun Villas and in-flight cabin crew Francis, Mars, Sandy, and Dave for a safe and pleasant flight! It saddens me that AirAsia Philippines has once again ceased the operation of its Cebu-Davao route due to commercial consideration. I hope they put in better marketing efforts and reinstate the route soon.

And that wraps up my Kadayawan 2015 weekend! I really had fun and I’m already looking forward to my next visit! Hopefully, I would already be able to visit Davao Occidental and Davao Oriental. Cheers!

Un-watermarked photos, ctto: Chamee Pecson and Chrissy Liwag


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