Libotero like never before with Smart

Smart Like Never Before

Since the advent of social media, sharing and consumption of content has changed drastically. People nowadays, especially millennials, would like to post and see moments as they happen.

Thankfully, this dynamic circulation of content has been made possible #LikeNeverBefore with Smart’s nationwide network modernization program. Since last year, a much improved network has rolled out and places likes Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, among others are now seeing faster internet connection speeds and wider network coverage. These places now, and soon, the entire Philippines.

In fact, while composing this post, I did a Speedtest to check my Smart LTE connection, and it recorded an impressive and consistent 18mbps download speed and 4.5mbps upload speed indoors.

Smart LTE

This is undeniably Smart’s most reliable network yet. In my four years as a Smart subscriber, I’m now able to share moments and my experiences in life and travels with my loved ones and followers like never before. With this recent development, I became motivated to do video blogging. Yay! Stay tuned for video content to be uploaded soon on my YouTube channel! (

While you wait for that, do watch this inspiring story of Smart connection:

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