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It has been said again and again, travel is the best teacher. Since air travel is the safest mode of transportation and due to the proliferation of budget airlines, more people now have access to travel. What was previously a luxury is now a necessity. Because of this, travelers have become more discriminating, especially in terms of air fares.

It’s time to book a flight — but to get the best rates, you have to open every single website known to man just so you can compare the promos! And you think, there has got to be an easier way… there is now!

Philippine Hotel Reservations Service Inc. (PHRS) has launched their new product, a flight booking engine which makes it possible to search for cheap flights from all airlines comprehensively. Users can do price comparisons, find all online promo fares and easily book their preferred flights without opening multiple airline websites at the same time. is not the same as other meta-search flight sites like and, as they only compare the fares of all the airlines. takes this flight searching task to a higher level! “With Skymyx, users can experience the freedom of mixing and matching the cheapest flights from multiple airlines and book last minute availability with instant flight confirmation in just one website”, said Lila Rosenberger, PHRS President & CEO.

SkyMyx Cheap Airline Booking Promo

Here are some valuable key points of

MYX. With, users can mix any flight combination on their favorite destinations by selecting the flight they want based on their preferred time and budget. Mixing airline carriers can be done seamlessly without having to purchase the entire roundtrip ticket from just one airline.
FLY. offers hundreds of flights daily. So you may choose to fly multi-point destinations by purchasing one way tickets (for domestic only) without sacrificing price or convenience.
SAVE. Users can take advantage of the online promo fares from many airlines in just one search which helps them save time and money. is powered by PHRS Philippine Hotel Reservations Service Inc., a company founded since 2006 with a proven track record in the travel industry. With PHRS at the helm of, travelers will surely benefit from their expertise and technological know-how prevalent in all their products.

As part of this new product launch, will be giving away PHP 500 PHRS worth of Gift Certificates which can be redeemed towards any hotel booking accommodations during the first week. Users of can also ensure a guaranteed discount as much as 80% off on hotels, transfers and tour packages right on PHRS website at

There is no other site like that offers you the smartest way to book flights online! Visit where mixing skies has no limits!

Also, check out their official Facebook page for more updates and developments on this very promising new product!


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