Smart International Postpaid Roaming – a travel essential when going abroad

With airlines becoming more and more competitive by offering the lowest fares possible, more Filipinos have been enabled to travel abroad. And while Smart International Postpaid Roaming is a travel essential when going overseas, a lot of phone users are hesitant to avail of roaming services because of confusion with the rates or fear of getting shocked by their phone bill when they come back home. This will no longer be a problem as Smart Communications recently unveiled new rates for its roaming services.

Smart International Postpaid Roaming

Smart International Postpaid Roaming subscribers are now empowered with the ability of controlling their phone usage and expenses while travelling abroad.

Smart International Postpaid Roaming ZONAL RATES

Smart has simplified its postpaid zonal roaming rates. Now, roaming rates for voice, text and data services, enjoyed by Smart International Postpaid Roaming subscribers are categorized based on two zones – Asia and the America on one hand, and the rest of the world on the other.

ASIA AND AMERICA: P18 per text message, P55 per minute for incoming calls, P115 per minute for outgoing calls, P3 per 10 kilobytes of data.

MIDDLE EAST, EUROPE, AFRICA and OCEANIA: P23 per text message, P65 per minute for incoming calls, P145 per minute for outgoing calls, P5 per 10 kilobytes of data.

Discounted rates from Smart International Postpaid Roaming partner networks

Smart International Postpaid Roaming subscribers may also get lower rates when they are headed to countries covered by the Conexus Mobile Alliance and Vodafone Group.

Subscribers headed to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam may latch on to local networks under Conexus and pay only P15 per text message, P50 per minute for incoming calls, P110 per minute for outgoing calls and USD10/day for unlimited surfing.

In fact, on my recent trip to Singapore and Thailand, I availed of the daily unlimited surfing service just so I could keep my social media channels Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram updated without relying on Free Wi-Fi. On my iPhone, I manually selected my network and set it to a Conexus local network, Starhub for Singapore, and True for Thailand, so I could use the unlimited surfing service and not worry about my postpaid bill! 😉

Koh Phi Phi
Koh Phi Phi Don in Krabi, Thailand

Gardens by the Bay
The Supertree Grove at the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

One Dollar Ice Cream Sandwich Singapore
One dollar ice cream sandwich at Orchard Road – a must-try!

Meanwhile, those headed to Europe, Oceania and Africa may latch on to available Vodafone partner-networks to pay only PHP20 per text message, PHP65 per minute of incoming calls, PHP140 per minute of outbound calls and PHP4.50 per 10 kilobytes of data.

These much lower rates are available in Albania, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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