Libotero supports South Cotabato Tambayan in the PBA 2011 Bloggers’ Choice Category

Libotero supports South Cotabato Tambayan for the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice

South Cotabato Tambayan is South Cotabato’s #1 community website. With its own social network, forums, events calendar, and even its own radio, South Cotabato Tambayan, or SCT, has successfully brought South Cotabato to the world!

Often marred by misleading news about the whole island, Mindanao, irresponsibly delivered through mainstream media, South Cotabato is actually a very peaceful province at the heart of SOCCSKSARGEN. It is full of natural and cultural destinations and those who do not dare to explore the province will be missing out a lot! Learn more about South Cotabato through SCT!

Actually, this vote would also serve as a very late thank you to Nanardxz who was very accommodating during my visit last July to witness for the very first time, the T’Nalak Festival. So, to Nanardxz and all the members of South Cotabato Tambayan, mabuhay kayo! Good luck! And I wish to visit your wonderful province again sooon!


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