15 Things I’m Buying at the Metro Sidewalk Sale

It’s the payday weekend! And there’s no better venue to spend your hard-earned money than at the Metro Sidewalk Sale! An annual initiative of The Metro Stores, the Metro Sidewalk Sale is a weekend markdown extravaganza, which begins today, September 15 and ends on Sunday, September 17.

Everything is on SALE this weekend, with some items being offered at 50% off their original prices. Some are even BUY ONE, TAKE ONE! More than 50 branches of Metro Department Store, Metro Supermarket, and Super Metro Hypermarket strategically located all over the country are all on SALE, giving everyone a chance to make some guilt-free shopping over the payday weekend.

Aside from the exciting markdowns, all shoppers have a chance to win 12 Apple gadgets: six 32GB iPhone 7 and six 32GB Apple TVs will be given away to lucky shoppers! Also, Metro Reward Cardholders are in for a treat as they will earn double the points during the sale period.

Enticed by the limitless possibilities, I invaded my favorite Metro Store at Ayala Center Cebu earlier today. Metro Ayala has been our family’s go-to store ever since because it is conveniently located near our school, our grandparents’ home, and of course being in Ayala Center Cebu is a huge plus. It has become our one-stop shop and we have always appreciated the variety of the merchandise and their value-for-money.

Metro Department Store Ayala Center Cebu
Eight levels of shopping possibilities

By heart I have mastered the layout and zoning of all six levels, until they’ve further expanded to eight levels in recent years that I got a little bit disoriented. Today was actually a magical moment of reconnecting and reminiscing as I took time exploring all levels of Metro Ayala.

Allow me to share with you FIFTEEN (15) items that I found interesting at the Metro Sidewalk Sale. These items may not necessarily suit your needs/wants, but I thought these were essentials for an “adulting” 26-year old modern man. Haha.

Metro Sidewalk Sale


I only have one belt which I use daily, no matter the occasion. At 50% off, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to add a few more.

Metro Sidewalk Sale


It’s the rainy season and I’m sure you would not want to wear your expensive shoes when you go out during rainy days, exposing it to the risk of floods, mud, dust, and other elements. At P199, you couldn’t go wrong. These could also be used in crowded places and events like rave parties, and our very own Sinulog festival. For a hundred pesos more, there are more stylish options on the photo below.

Metro Sidewalk Sale

Metro Sidewalk Sale


I’ve been steadily gaining weight recently, and among the first casualties of the size change are my underwear. A lot of my boxers are now torn apart! Time to buy new ones (LOL)

Metro Sidewalk Sale


To satisfy my growing penchant for ripped jeans, which somehow give character to my long skinny legs. At P299, I would probably get at least three pairs.

Metro Sidewalk Sale


As a frequent traveler, and someone who travels on budget airlines, damage and/or wear and tear to our suitcases cannot be avoided. A back-up would always be good to have.

Metro Sidewalk Sale


This one’s for the hopeless romantic. Haven’t found “forever” yet? This almost-human-sized stuffed bear would be a great companion for sure. Being a sucker for hugs, I’d want one in my room. *wink*


Now the next items might surprise you. I might still be young, but I’m at a point where the home section and the supermarket are fast-becoming favorite places.

Metro Sidewalk Sale


We tend to overlook the need to change our bed sheets and pillow cases. But imagine all the dead skin cells, oils, sweat, bodily fluids, and food crumbs that will haunt you when you inspect your sheets under a microscope, definitely a breeding place for dust mites! Que horror! Changing sheets weekly is most ideal!

Metro Sidewalk Sale


The same thing applies to curtains, they need to be changed regularly.


Our favorite time of the year is fast approaching! Christmas decoration at half the price? Time to update the look of our Christmas tree to celebrate a blessed year!


Whether your house and lot is small or big, there should always be space for plants. It’s not just about aesthetics. Greens around us transform our environment into something more positive, it’s actually therapeutic.

Metro Sidewalk Sale


Admit it! SALE events like the Metro Sidewalk Sale always tempt you to buy more clothes, even if you don’t need them! Haha. I’m guilty. For sure, your closets are also full now, so these clothes racks, which are buy one take one, are a must-buy!

Metro Sidewalk Sale


Being a nocturnal person, my brain functions better at night and I would appreciate all the light I would need so I won’t strain my already-damaged eyes. 50% off!

Metro Sidewalk Sale

13. RICE

Rice is life! Remember the commotion caused by a senator’s proposal to prohibit unli-rice? Well, at the Metro, you get 3 kilos of rice for free, if you buy a sack of 25 kilos!

Metro Sidewalk Sale


The modern lifestyle has become so unhealthy that we need to balance it out with fruits. Who wouldn’t want to detoxify with fruits at buy one, take one?

Metro Sidewalk Sale


Yes to fruits, but also YES to junk food! I don’t know when I can eliminate my craving for chips! This corner has everything you would need: Buy 6, Take 1 chips, coffee, chocolate drink, instant noodles, sardines, and more!

Whatever you need, whatever you like, I’m sure there would always be something for you at the Metro stores.

Do not miss out! You still have Saturday and Sunday to drop by your nearest Metro Department Store and Supermarket. But if you really can’t make it, just keep tabs on their official website to know about their upcoming promos and offers www.metroretail.com.ph, follow them on Facebook and Instagram


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